Long story short there was a Manta again!!!

Today we returned to La Reina for another day of diving. The sea was relatively calm, and the water temperature was 29C which was lovely we were diving Caribbean style in shorts and rash vests and visibility was at least 15/20m. This was so great as some of the previous days had had a few green and cold dives in them. Which, although produced some great dives. Great viz and warm water is always welcome.
Long story short there was a Manta again!!!! On our second dive, she hung around with us for a good 10 minutes and some groups spent up to 20 minutes with her! We also had some close-up encounters with Sea Lions. Got surrounded by huge schools of Goat fish, Blue stripe Snapper, Green Jacks, Cortez Barracuda and Machete. Not to mention countless and I mean countless Morays (4 different species) as well as a ton of Nudis!!! Absolutely amazing!

Dm Martyn, England

By Nautilus Crew

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