Exploratory trip up the pacific coast of the Baja California

This week is pretty special for our guests and the crew as we are on an exploratory trip up the pacific coast of the Baja California. It is turning out to be as exciting as it sounds! Today, after sailing surrounded by hundreds of common dolphins and a massive pod of bottlenose dolphins, we jumped in for our check out dive. In a protected bay at the southern tip of the island Santa Margarita. Honestly, the first impression was a bit of a shock: 18Celsius degree water, quite a change after last week 29C! But the show was just freaking amazing: in 7 meters of water, we saw Mexican horn shark, lobsters, stingrays, billions of sardines in a cloud so dense it would take the light away, many hogfishes, garibaldis, a massive turtle that has been around the ocean for a while, and many playful young sealions curious at us and blowing bubbles upwards as if imitating us! Mindblowing dive really, what a start for this trip, even if I could not feel my face from the cold afterwards 🙂 Nothing that a hot shower, a hot tea and a dip in the jacuzzi cant fix. And then, on the way to our anchorage, the captain saw a very promising shape on the depth tracker: we found the wreck of a submarine! Can’t wait for tomorrow s adventure!
DM Yann onboard NBA

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