Surprises keep flowing!!! Today we had a pod of 4 ORCAS!

Surprises keep flowing!!! Today we had a pod of 4 ORCAS! Just amazing, we spotted them as we were sailing 70nm off the coast, a little family of transient orcas. We could identify a massive male, with his dorsal fin way out of the water and juvenile swimming right by his side and two others. We followed them for 30 minutes, although they were remaining elusive…until a massive pod of common dolphins appeared on the horizon, leaping out of the water and hunting. We think they were following or followed by a school of tunas. The Orcas then made their way towards that megapod, and soon we were surrounded by hundreds (if not thousands) of common dolphins and our orca family joining the party. We could not tell if they were after the dolphins or the fish, but there were lots of action and jumping around. We tried to join them in the water, but the megapod was moving fast, particularly as a tuna fishing boat was approaching and starting to drop nets close by. What a wonderful sight it was to see these orcas! After seeing the marlins, the sea lions, the common dolphins, the killer whales, our hopes are up for some big whales action now!

DM Yann onboard NBA

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