We are starting up again at the Sea of Cortez

We are starting up again at the Sea of Cortez. Coming back to normal, whatever is normal in these days—our routines with the COVID and managing the life aboard safe.
We learned more how to manage after our first two trips in July. To work around new rules that been applied by governments around the world that often changes from day today. It is challenging but with cooperation with our new land crew and crew on board. We are at least starting to get around. As a start, we have had two fantastic days around Espirito Santo with a lot of smiling divers returning from our dives. The heat right now is pretty brutal. so it feels nice to get under even if it does not cool much. 29=30 C at the surface and 27-28 at 20 meters…. 76-78 F.!

By Nautilus Crew

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