Today we arrived at one of the best island to see hammerheads sharks

Today we arrived at one of the best islands to see hammerheads sharks “Las Animas Island”
The first dive was on the east pinnacle. We encounter plenty of marine life that covered the pinnacle from pacific creole fish, yellowtail, surgeonfishes,yellow snappers, skipjacks, triggerfishes and a juvenile sea lion.
For the second dive, the action was on the south pinnacle. We went down, and I felt the thermocline I thought there were perfect conditions to have hammerhead sharks encounter. I was right, I looked behind, and there it was a group of 20 to 30 hammerheads sharks come up to the top of the pinnacle to give us a good opportunity to enjoy this nature’s gift.
We came back four times more in the same way, and we had other hammerheads sharks encounter passing near the pinnacle for a few minutes to say goodbye to all the divers.
It was an amazing marine life display in the Sea of Cortez from the small nudibranchs to a big pelagics. It is the Aquarium of the World.

DM Mantarey

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