Magdalena Bay – Wreck Diving

Exploration diving with my Nautilus friends around Magdalena Bay. Highlights include the wreck of the USS Seawolf (WWI submarine sank in 1920) and SS Independence wreck (side wheeled Vanderbilt Line steamship burned and sank in 1853), stunning Thetis deep sea mount (remined me of Roca Partida), surge and kelp beds, large sea lion colony, sea lion predation on bait balls, curious dolphins, and successfully finding and seeing the elusive and iridescent blue marlins, beautiful sunsets and surprisingly warm seas. What’s not to like?! Plus it has a wild feel to it as so few divers come here. If you want to dive something unique with the big feel of the Pacific, this is a great choice! Plus the Nautilus team does it right.

Muchas gracias amigos! Scott Moore

By Nautilus Crew

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