Great trip all around!

Great trip all around. Perfect sunsets every night. Crew and dive masters were very attentive and fun. Saw some amazing things in the deep blue, marlins, dozens of sea lions, turtles, dolphins, etc. Dove a world war 1 sub, that was very cool. The scenery above water was also fantastic, rugged coastline. Felt like we were diving areas that had never been explored, and I believe we did some first explorations. Not sure how I could improve the trip, but maybe one suggestion is to have a few more dives out in the blue. One of the highlights was a dive on a seamount about 120 ft down. Saw a wall of barracuda and lots of other great fish. Would have been nice to do a few more of those. Also, we did not get the big bait balls. Not sure if we were too early in the season for that, but that would have been a real plus. Small bait balls were still amazing. Highly recommend the trip to anyone, and be sure to go with Sten.

Alberto Enrique Munoz Martinez 

By Nautilus Crew

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