The trip was amazing!

I’m just about to disembark from The Explorer after a week of exploring around Magdalena Bay and its environs. The trip was amazing! I would recommend this trip to anyone who has the spirit of exploration, of adventuring through the untrodden territory and of seeing the beautiful blue water of the Pacific. For me, the scuba highlight was diving a previously unexplored seamount and seeing a massive school (literally thousands) of barracuda. The other highlight was the crew’s commitment to finding a bait ball. On the last day, we found success. There is no experience quite like jumping into the middle of the Pacific ocean, surrounded by blue, and watching and swimming amongst sea lion and marlin as they’re feeding on small fish. Wow! Speaking of crew, they were incredible. Sten, Thiago and Ivan were fantastic dive guides. Laurentina took care of everything and made sure the liveaboard experience was comfortable. Captain Beto was great and inspired confidence. I know there are others who I am not mentioning, but it’s only because I have to wrap this up and, regrettably, get off the boat to start the trip back home. Thanks to everyone for what will surely be permanent memories. Gracias! – Gregorio

By Nautilus Crew

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