Sea of Cortez trip!

We are on a smooth sailing back to Cabo after a 5days trip into the sea of Cortez. Yesterday was our last day of diving which we did in the national park of Cabo Pulmo, an area that has been protected by the villagers for more than 20 years with several reef barriers with abundant marine life. Guests have been able to enjoy big groupers, yellow snapper, school of jacks and even some bull sharks sightings. Then as we were anchored to enjoy our last dinner, the boat was suddenly surrounded by dozens of baby turtles that just hatched from the nearby beach! Quite a sight to see these cute babies finding some shelter from predators under and around the boat. We wished them good luck for their trip as we started ours back to Cabo san Lucas.
Mate Yann onboard Gallant Lady

By Nautilus Crew

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