We end the trip today!

We end the trip today. After four days of diving into the Gulf of California, we got great dives. First 2 days due to strong north winds we have to spend in Cerralvo Island. We dove there in 4 different spots from south to North, beautiful reefs, two kind, Rock reef and Coral Reef. All type of reef fish, great schools of fish like chubs, surgeon, sardines etc. Great dives for Macro creatures like nudibranchs, coral shrimp, blenny, etc. Sea turtles and a Sealion passing on the distance. We had a night dive in the spot la Reynita, a really lovely experience, able to compare the fauna on the same spot during the day to the night. Moray eels out of their caves swimming free, creatures like the sea hare show as well, snails, anemones all open, and all-day fishes inside of cracks or caves you can see them trying to hide or let’s say too “rest”. And really important to mention that bioluminescence as bright as our dive lights.
Third dive day, we went to Espiritu Santo Island. Three dives in the greatest sea lion colony of the south of the Gulf Of California, where divers interact with the sea lions juveniles, they play as puppies, divers just kept asking for more. Finally to end the great day went to a wreck where we could see black coral and eight yes eight sea turtles!.
Final; dive day in the amazing world heritage marine national park Cabo Pulmo, Great reef dives, Great schools of groupers, yellow snappers, but even more amazing the huge school of big eye jacks as a jack tornado into the water. Although the bull sharks didn’t show up in the traditional dive spot, we could see one perfectly close.
Great dives showing Gulf Of California worth to visit as a great place to dive, probably one of the tops in MEXICO.

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