It Seemed Like Being in an Aquarium!!

And sure enough, there was a lot of action also under the surface. We had great visibility and a small current coming from the south. As soon as we jumped in we saw a wall of Bonitos (small tunas) gliding by the rock, there must have been thousands and their bodies reflected the sunlight perfectly. As we made our way into the split area on the south tip we were surrounded by fish. There were big eyed jacks, black jacks, cotton mouth jacks, leather bass and so many creole fish it seemed like being in an aquarium!! In between those fish we had a great number of silvertip sharks cruising and hunting around the divers, even some large Galapagos sharks made an appearance. After we let the drift take us along the west side observing dozens of white tips and a lot of life on the rocks and corals. As a great finale we spent the safety stop with a friendly chevron manta!

DM Jessie, Switzerland

By Nautilus Crew

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