We Never Stop to Wonder, to Learn and to Be Amazed.

We are back onboard and back in Revi… It’s difficult to lower expectations when you haven’t been here for nine months but Revillagigedo never disappoints. On the first day we did two dives at the Canyon. We hit the water at Manta Rock and actually fell on a bunch of white tip sharks and silver tip sharks, then we headed to the cleaning station. On the way there we had a close encounter with a tiger shark followed by a school of hammerheads in pretty shallow water. I was wondering about the hammerheads being that shallow especially because we had water temperatures of 27/29 C, they normally prefer to be in colder water, but nature shows us every day that we don’t really know her.

That’s what I love so much about the archipelago, we never stop to wonder, to learn and to be amazed. At the cleaning station a juvenile black manta crossed our path, followed by a big female chevron manta… and she was very interactive, she stayed with us for around 15 minutes and even swam with a school of hammerheads that were passing by…

Mind-blowing first dive in the Canyon. That’s what I meant when I said Revi never disappoints. Our customers had that magic smile on their face when we came back and eventually me too. Just AMAZING!!! For dives number three and four we went to the famous Boiler and again I expected mantas but I knew I shouldn’t expect. We jumped in and for 20 minutes the Boiler was just empty… Than they showed off, majestic silhouettes coming out of the blue, like ocean angels, unreal, surreal, here they were the expected mantas, very interactive going to each diver to say hello, I felt blessed, privileged, happy really living in the moment, here and now, WOW… the mantas stayed for the rest of the dive and all of the customers and the DM’s were blown away. What a day!

After an awesome dinner, we sat in the salon, in the time of Covid it isn’t always easy to get close but we had so much to share that even with social distances and masks we had a very fruitful talk about diving and big animal interaction. absolute awesome group, I cant wait to go to Roca Partida tomorrow!

DM Pascal, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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