Not Only Has the Marine Life Been Outstanding, So Too Have the Captain and Crew

Out of the multitude of liveaboard trips I have been on, this trip on the Nautilus Belle Amie to the Socorro Islands has by far been my favorite. Not only has the marine life been outstanding, so too have the captain and crew. Everything has been exactly as advertised, and even exceeded my expectations. Celina is my dive guide and she has been amazing, very professional, hilarious, and has the best energy on the boat and during our dives. The other staff have also been very helpful. Pascal does a fantastic job of managing his divers, especially in stressful situations. He is great at risk management and makes sure his divers have proper etiquette with the marine life and other divers. Xavier has been very nice and helpful on the boat, and great with his divers as well. He always has a lovely smile on his face, which is nice to see. Gato is very funny and great at making people laugh. He always has very good control over his divers and is very calm and relaxed. The skiff drivers are on top of their duty and hold diver safety to the highest priority. The always help us with all of our equipment and make our diving experience much more pleasant and comfortable. The hostesses are amazing at making sure everyone is taken care of and they do it with a smile. And of course, Beto. He is one of the best captains that I know. He always interacts with the divers and is very funny with the ladies. He is the best! I have been highly recommending this specific trip to my friends on social media, and have nothing critical to say about anything. I am having an amazing experience and will most certainly be back!

Baylee from Birmingham, Alabama, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie

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