This Was My First Liveaboard Trip and Saying It Is Fantastic Is an Understatement

This was my first liveaboard trip and saying it is fantastic is an understatement. We encountered animals that I have never before seen – oceanic mantas, whale sharks, sharks of all kind and more! It was magical. What made it even better was diving with Pascal – the best dive master I’ve ever dove with (and there’s been many). He was extremely attentive to all of my needs and always made me feel safe, as it was my first-time diving in the Socorro area. He was always checking up on me and the rest of our black manta group, making sure we were feeling good and having fun. He also has a great eye for the animals underwater and often was first in spotting them. He is a role model in terms of his professionalism under the water and on land. When there was a tense moment due to some miscommunication, he was there to smooth out the situation and propose solutions to make every party involved satisfied. His positive demeanor made every trip out to the blue enjoyable! We started every dive with a big smile and ended it with one as well.  I also appreciate the hosts and the rest of the crew for their hard work as well. Shout outs to Iris, Laurentina and the rest of the crew for their patience for remembering my preferences for coffee, how much I need to douse all of my food in hot sauce, etc. I’d also like to thank Scott and the rest of the skiff drivers for their reliability. At the end of every dive, I could always expect a boat to be within a few meters away to pick us up and bring our gear back to the boat. The boat itself is also a beauty – brand new equipment, clean, comfortable rooms and food whenever and however you want it! Thank you for making this liveaboard first unforgettable – and thus, addictive! We will be back soon!

Dana & Jerome from NYC & Zurich, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie

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