Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: 18°46,6’N 110°54,7’W

Status: Anchored at Cabo Pearce 1.5 cable south of the finger and from the wall. 3 shots out and 100ft water under the keel.

Weather: Winds: NE 5-8 kts, Sea: NW1-3Ft. Partial sunny and cloudy sky. Medium North current. Visibility 30 meters Water temp 77°Fahrenheit

We had a incredible day yesterday at Tosca, DM said one of the best days that they have been there in a time. Mantas everywhere and also a dolphin in the morning. After the 3rd dive heading to the navy base and all clear to arrive to Pearce and do the silky snorkel. We are alone in Pearce and we know that 5 vessels its going to be at Roca today (since we talk by Radio with most of them) so I decide to stay at Pearce and be able to dive 4 times today, and what a a good decision. Was not necessary to start the immersion to see the dolphins jumping around the skiff and once divers were in, they came close and closer making the first day of the year the best beginning that guest can have. But ok, this is not all… 4 different mantas Chevron (1 male and 3 females) were almost all the time swimming around the divers and they noticed to me that 1 of the female have the cephalic fin broken. 1 big Tiger shark of around 3.5 meters was also in the game and looks the same that we had the last trip. In the second dive the current pick up but sea conditions calm absolutely so perfect for the afternoon dives… In this immersion guests can dive again with mantas and whitetips.. but the Oscar goes for…… HAMMERHEADS!!!!! Yes, finally we have the school of hammers that we are waiting for today!!! at least 50 (dm report) or 100 (excited diver report) hammerheads are around one of the group.. so hopefully this guys wait for the 3rd dive and all passengers can see them. We are just missing the whale shark to fill out the checklist of the trip! All guests & crew doing great! Happy New Year.

  • Captain Josep

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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