It Is No Surprise That the Staff and Accommodations Are Exceptional

We’ve been very lucky with the weather, smooth seas today. The first dive we circled the rock and saw all kinds of sea life. White tips were prevalent while the lobsters and green morays were just huge. Schools of jacks were dealing with the tuna and there were lots of other fish I haven’t figured out yet. The current picked up for the second dive and the mix of cold and warn brought the occasional shimmer to the water. It also brought the first turtle I’d seen this trip. So far so good!

It is no surprise that the staff and accommodations are exceptional. I had made this trip on the Nautilus Explorer a few years ago and this trip is even better so far. We still have more dives today and two more dive days after that. Looking forward to it!

Dennis, Columbus Ohio, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie in Socorro

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