The Diving Here Is Surreal

We are diving at Socorro Island today. The diving here is surreal. Our divemaster is Rey and the day is calm. On our first dive I was mesmerized by the beautiful variety of tropical fish, a rainbow of angel fish, puffers, parrotfish to name just a few. Rey suddenly catches my attention and I look up to see two dolphins only about five feet away observing us and swimming playfully. Rey joins in with them for a moment and then they are gone. Looking up towards the surface a huge black manta glides by, followed soon after by a chevron manta. They glide around us in a circle coming back around and letting us get close enough to touch, although we don’t so as respect their space. We finally must end the dive and it seems way too soon. On to the skiff and back to the Belle Amie to await our next adventure. Thanks, Rey for a wonderful dive!!

Ann, USA, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie in Socorro

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