It Was Truly a Sharknado!

This being our first liveaboard, we didn’t realize how much hard work goes into the making of a trip! Time and time again we are treated as if we were family rather than simply guests on a liveaboard. Adriana knows that I need a pair of cookies with my coffee! Mariane shared a great tip for getting a snug fit of my mask, I’ve not had water leak into my mask since! Pablo took us to see a school of hammerhead sharks yesterday, it was truly a sharknado! Hahaha! Pato showed us how the current can take you a mile from the boat! I couldn’t appreciate more the safety mindset that captain Shep kept reminding us! I could name more names specifically, but I’d likely write a full page… Sylvia, Jessica, Ray, Hector, et al…

All-in-all, I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to enjoy diving as much as we did on another liveaboard that is not the Nautilus Belle Amie! To the entire crew, you are amazing!! Thank you!

Julian Gutierrez & Lidia Turrubiartes, Spring, TX, USA, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie in Socorro

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