The First Two Dives Were Breathtaking

I was surprised how good the dives were in Punta Tosca today. The first two dives were breathtaking. We got in on the lava finger on the west side of the bay. We were down around five minutes and we had a nice dolphin encounter. It stayed around us for around five minutes. After the dolphin encounter four chevron mantas rolled in on the cleaning station. Two of them stayed with us for the remainder of the dive. They were super playful. On the second dive we dropped in on the same spot. The first ten minutes were a little slow, but then magic happened. This time five mantas came over to the cleaning station, four chevrons and two black mantas. Three of them stayed with us again for the rest of our dive even during our safety stop. Tomorrow we are going to Roca Partida. I am already excited.

Divemaster Stein, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie in Socorro

By Nautilus Crew

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