Punta Tosca Was Just Mantastic

WOOOW Punta Tosca was just Mantastic we saw five mantas on our first dive and one dolphin, super friendly, all the groups got to take pictures with it, and in the middle of the action we look on our backs and there was the biggest tiger shark I’ve ever seen! I guess it was an old shark, all of this in just our first dive!!!!! On the second dive we got to dance with the mantas, plus a few hammerheads who passed by, and it just gets better and better, the third dive we met the dolphin again, and came straight over to say hi to us!!! She literally missed us!!! Just wooow !!! For the last dive we explored the rocks formations, which are fabulous, they look like castles under the water, what a day, can’t wait to see what Roca has for us tomorrow!

DM Mario, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie in Socorro

By Nautilus Crew

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