Truly Magic Moments!

We were greeted in Punta Tosca by the most unbelievable encounter with a dolphin. As we rolled into the water, I saw this dolphin floating at the surface, approaching us, with its snout out of the water like he was spying on us. it came straight to the divers who were still getting ready to go down and surprised them by floating in the middle of them, getting close as it wanted to hug the divers, making contact with them. We spent ten minutes at the surface with this surprising and extremely human friendly dolphin until it took off to about 30 meters down. We followed it, ready to go on with our dive only to find that very same dolphin laying at the bottom, on its back on the sand, like it was taking the sun on the beach! We spent more long minutes laying next to it, posing for pictures and videos, just the craziest moment for our divers. They could not believe how friendly and confident are the dolphins with the divers, this is the magic of Revillagigedo, that kind of interaction you can not find anywhere else. And if you think that was all the first dive, wait for the rest! As we were laying at the bottom with our new friend, one, then two, then three, then a total of five mantas started dancing around us, playfully following each other or passing slowly above the divers to get their bubble showers. As we would start interacting with these mantas, the dolphin would try to keep our attention by standing right in front of the photo! Truly magic moments!

DM Yann onboard Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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