Join the Mobula Ray Migration in the Sea of Cortez

During the summer months, a truly extraordinary wildlife event takes place in the Sea of Cortez: the great mobula ray migration.

From mid-May to July, thousands of mobula rays aggregate in the deep south of the Sea of Cortez, and we’re excited to unveil a new expedition to experience the mobula ray migration first-hand aboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady. The largest ray aggregation on earth, witness rays propelling themselves out of the water (scientists still aren’t sure the exact reason why) and marvel as hundreds of mobulas glide beneath our boat, before dipping into the water for a front-row seat of them dancing in union; this is a wildlife spectacle not to be missed. Plus, where there are rays, there are orcas…

mobula ray migration
Following the Mobula Ray Migration

Be a fly on the wall of your own wildlife documentary as you encounter pods of orcas trailing the mobula ray migration. We’ve been plying the Sea of Cortez since 1974 and know some of best, secret spots for unique animal encounters. We’ll be using a drone to track the movement of the migration to maximize wildlife encounters. You will have the opportunity to snorkel and freedive with mobula rays and predatory pods of orcas, not to forget huge pods of dolphins and even the possibility of sperm and fin whales. We’ll also keeping our eyes peeled for ginormous pregnant whale sharks out in the deep ‘desert’ ocean.

Mobula rays often like to breach the surface, so there will be ample opportunity to witness these gravity-defying acrobatics out of the water, whether while sipping on an icy beverage on deck or getting up close and personal on a kayak. This is the perfect trip for both divers and snorkelers.  

Free diving with Orcas
Encounter the Best of Baja Mexico’s Wildlife

We love Baja. The wildlife is some of the best in the world, and to ensure you get to tick off the best of Baja’s wildlife, we’ll also take you swimming with whale sharks off La Paz (insider tip: this is also the best time of year to see huge pregnant whale sharks out in the open ocean) and diving at Cabo Pulmo National Park, home to over 6,000 marine species. To finish off the trip, kayak, paddleboard, snorkel and hike on the beautiful, protected Isla Espiritu Santo, before tucking into a delicious beachfront barbecue.

Nautilus Gallant Lady in the sea of COrtez
All Aboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

The Nautilus Gallant Lady is a 116-foot yacht that accommodates small groups of 12 divers in 6 large suites. The beautiful Gallant Lady combines the luxury of a yacht with the thoughtful design of a dive deck built for divers. The yacht features a main lounge and dining room with wrap-around view, large water level platform, sky lounge, sun deck and even a crow’s nest – the perfect viewing platform for a birds-eye view of the wildlife below. With 1700 horsepower Caterpillar engines, the Lady can speed you wherever you want to go in great comfort.

Interested in joining the largest mobula migration on earth? Book your spot on the Gallant Lady today to secure a front-row seat to all the best wildlife in the Sea of Cortez.

Image credit: David Serradell, David Samoa

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