We Were Greeted by a Super Friendly Manta Ray

Since working as a hostess and not a divemaster on the liveaboards, I don’t usually get the chance to go diving but I was given the opportunity and couldn’t turn down the chance to explore my favorite dive site. There is something about The Canyon that makes me feel so comfortable and at ease; it’s usually the first place we go after the journey from Cabo San Lucas and it always sets off the tone for a remarkable week. Celina, my divemaster and roommate was just as excited to jump in as I was. 

We were greeted by a super friendly manta ray as we descended and then we headed over to the reef. There was so much life over there with reef sharks circling, fish coming up very close and Celina showed me some cute macro-life like nudibranchs and shrimp. It was a fascinating experience and I can’t wait to The Canyon again.

  • Hostess Laurie onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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