The Biggest Hammerhead I Have Ever Seen

The last few days of diving around Socorro Island have been amazing. 

On the first day, we went to The Canyon and saw the most curious hammerheads I have encountered in these waters. There were massive schools of scalloped hammerheads surrounding the divers from every angle – they were literally swarming us!

We also had a huge female hammerhead shark follow us from Manta Rock to the cleaning station. It was probably the biggest hammerhead I have ever seen and I’ve seen quite a few. From a distance, I actually thought it was a tiger shark since they are typically much bigger. I have been working onboard the Nautilus fleet for the last four years and I am beginning to notice that the hammerhead sharks are becoming less shy and much more approachable which is great for us divers since we can appreciate them much more at a closer distance and each diver becomes exciting than the last!

Manta rays have been rocking the islands too with some great encounters at Cabo Pearce and Roca Partida. There have been black and chevron manta rays prancing around us throughout our dives and plenty of tunas, humongous schools of horse-eye jacks and silvertip sharks at every dive site. We even woke up this morning with two whales jumping only a few meters from the boat and we still have three days to go. Let the adventure continue!

Photo credit: Chiara Yannessa

  • Divemaster Yann, onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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