A Huge Mass of Biodiversity

Even though I’ve done almost 500 dives over the last 25 years, today will be one of the most memorable. We back-rolled into the 23°C sea next to the Roca Partida, which, on the surface, looks like just an average rock, but, underwater, it reveals a whole new world. The current hits the split rock, attracting a huge mass of biodiversity. 

On our second dive we hung out with at least five different manta rays. At the beginning, they cruised past us but kept their distance and by the end of the dive, they were coming up and wanting their tummies tickled with our bubbles. They kept our attention so much that we ignored the silver tip sharks, white tip sharks, Galapagos sharks, huge tuna and jack who were all trying to get our attention – probably jealous of the manta rays!

  • Jules Young, Seattle, USA onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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