Socorro Islands Never Cease to Amaze Me

The Socorro Islands never cease to amaze me and this is my fourth season working out here. Our first three days of diving were ridiculously good on this particular trip. We have seen almost everything Socorro has to offer and in really healthy numbers.

On the first day I got the chance to see a tiger shark at The Boiler. On the second day I saw another tiger shark that, at first, I thought to be a whale shark because it was just so big. Then, in the evening, a whale shark actually did swim past the Nautilus Undersea. On the third day at Cabo Pearce I actually did see a whale shark on the dive and it hung around the dive very slowly, accompanied by two big manta rays.

Now we are at Roca Partida where anything can happen!

  • Divemaster Casey onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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