Absolutely Mind-Blowing

This trip has been unbelievable so far. Right now, it’s only day three and we have actually had it all. We saw dolphins during the first dive and on the second, we had friendly manta rays. On three separate dives we saw a tiger shark and a school of hammerhead sharks. The Boiler gave us everything we could ask for. 

On the second day, we went to The Canyon and we had hammerhead, whitetip, silvertip, Galapagos and even blacktip sharks at the cleaning station. We even saw some more dolphins again. At the end of the day, a whale shark appeared alongside the boat with its dorsal fin breaching the water.

On the third day, we went to Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island. The dive began with a pod of six playful dolphins and then we had three very friendly mantas – one of them a huge black manta and then, out of nowhere, false killer whales came flying over the dive site. We could hear them before we saw them and when we eventually did, they surfed the waves above us then surfed the waves above us.

On the next dive, our guests could finally experience diving with a whale shark that made several rounds to present his beauty to the divers who were either completely awestruck or raving and cheering loudly. What else will the Pacific Ocean and Revillagigedo have for us during day four and five? I can’t wait to find out. The last three days have been a blast – absolutely mind-blowing.

I feel blessed to work for Nautilus in this amazing place.

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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