Magical Rock in the Middle of the Ocean

I’ve never heard anyone say that Roca Partida is a bad dive site. It’s so remote and isolated but this small, magical rock in the middle of the ocean is so rich marine life! Today we saw a school of hammerhead sharks on multiple occasions and some of them came very close us. There were so many Galapagos and silvertip sharks hanging around the cleaning station and we got to see some of them burst in to attack mode hunting massive yellow fin tuna.

If that wasn’t enough already, we had a visit from the biggest fish in the ocean – the whale shark. This gentle giant was swimming around the rock for about 15 minutes. A 15ft female that passed in front of our divers on several occasions.

The weather looks good for tomorrow and because today was so good, we will stay at Roca Partida for one more day. Exciting!

  • Divemaster Juan David onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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