We Saw Whale Sharks at Roca Partida

We saw whale sharks in Roca Partida which was an amazing experience.

As we were turning around the corner of the Roca Partida, we saw a whale shark almost at the surface of the rock. The shark was gigantic, at least to my eyes. So, we went around the corner only to see that it was not there anymore. We continued our dive, only to find it again just five minutes later. The whale shark was gracefully swimming at 15 metres and curious of our presence. It was being accompanied by many black jacks. It hanged around us for about five minutes, giving us all the chance to enjoy it, film it and appreciate its behaviour. It was such a great experience.

The only loosers were the hammerhead sharks because they were no longer the main character of our dive.

  • Jennifer, USA onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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