Swimming In a Giant Aquarium

It’s the second day of diving at Punta Tosca and the second dive today was one of the best dives in my life. The ride to the dive site on the boat was smooth and calm. As soon as we dropped in the water there was a manta ray waiting for us as we descended into the blue. We slowly made our way around one of the large rock formations where we saw lots of small marine life like trumpet fish, a family of parrot fish, a slipper lobster, many whitetip sharks and, in the midst of it all, a very large manta came to give us a show; circling around us with a couple of remoras hovering around it. Then we looked around and a hammerhead shark made an appearance, slowly passing by us seemingly unconcerned by our presence. 

We went over the rock formation which had more crevices where there were some hidden lobster hotels and plenty of other reef fish to explore. Before we started to head to our safety stop, another manta ray showed up. All in all, I felt that I was swimming in a giant aquarium but we were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The dive staff on the Nautilus Belle Amie is outstanding, super knowledgeable, operate safely under the watchful eye of the captain and we were spoiled by the kitchen staff with very cautious protocols regarding COVID. 

  • Cynthia Obadia, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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