Bottlenose Dolphins Swam in Curiously

Preparing for our first dive of the day is always an exciting experience. As we launch the zodiacs and guests do their final equipment adjustments, the anticipation is high. Especially when your dive site is Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island.

We entered the water just after 8am and descended down to the first cleaning station at a depth of 45ft. Early in our dive appeared our first chevron manta ray. Positioned close to the surface, we watched its silhouette in the morning sun above. After about five minutes, it decided to move on and swim out into the blue to explore other areas of the dive site and so did we.

The deeper cleaning station at Cabo Pearce is a true hotspot for activity. Whitetip and silvertip reef sharks were circling as we approached and not long after arriving a pod of bottlenose dolphins swam in curiously to inspect the dive group. Coming eye to eye with a dolphin in the wild is truly an incredible experience! I love seeing the eyes of our guests light up after these kinds of interactions.

As we finished our dive and arrived at the surface, the group was loud with laughter and cheers! The dolphins here are super sociable animals and they interact with divers at Socorro Island like nowhere else I’ve ever seen. Best thing is, we have three more dives here today! 

  • Divemaster Rimas onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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