A Dive That We Would Never Forget

I just can’t wait till the end of the day to tell you what a great dive we had this morning. We have now moved locations and we are not at The Boiler anymore. The wind picked up a little and made for a challenging skiff ride but nevertheless, we knew that beneath the waves the sea would be calm and it would make it all worth it. What we didn’t know is that it would also be a dive that we would never forget. There was a family of about twenty dolphins who came to our group and cruised in between us. They were all chirping and whistling, excitedly playing around just as we were as if both humans and dolphins were saying, “are you seeing what I am seeing?!”.

Then out of the blue, three manta rays came by and gently placed their bellies over our stream of bubbles. What a privilege it is to be here interacting with nature in a place like this where sea creatures live in a place so remote that they seem to be equally excited to encounter humans once in a while.

  • Rocio Gajon Bunker, Mexico onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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