Hammerhead Sharks Zigzagging Towards You

Scalloped hammerhead sharks are one of the most searched-for animals when diving the Revillagigedo Islands. They are unlike the other emblematic sea creatures we encounter around here. There are the giant manta rays who like to steal the show, the cheeky and utterly curious bottlenose dolphins and the silky sharks who will give you chills during the night snorkel.

The hammerheads here are more shy and being able to get a close encounter with them takes a bit of skill and patience. Watching the current, waiting patiently and breathing quietly are just a few of the elements needed to have a close interaction with these hammerhead sharks. If you manage to get it just right, you will be rewarded with a glance of white shades emerging from the blue and the pale flanks of the hammerhead sharks zigzagging towards you.

It’s incredible to get a closer look at these magnificent creatures and having the chance to admire them properly.

  • Divemaster Yann onboard the Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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