World’s Friendliest Ocean Giants

The Boiler is a world famous site. This underwater pinnacle sits less than 1km off the beautiful coastline of San Benedicto Island. Named for the turbid, bubbling water it creates when the swell hits its shallowest parts; you only need to explore its depths to see how unique and special Thel Boiler really is.

This dive site attracts the giant mantas that the Socorro Islands are best known for. The Boiler is usually a favorite for our last day of diving since it’s one of the last chances our guest will witness these acrobatic mantas in action. These sociable creatures really do seem to enjoy the interaction with the divers. Circling closer and closer and weaving their way between divers is one of the best sights to see for any diver. It’s not unusual to see three, four or even five mantas at any one time. All at different depths and different parts of the site. Once again, we’ve had some epic encounters with the world’s friendliest ocean giants. 

  • Divemaster Rimas onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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