My Favourite Place in the World

My favourite place in the world – Roca Partida! You have to understand that just an average dive here is one of the most extraordinary dives on the planet. Just the fact that we are so far away from the mainland in the middle of the Pacific Ocean makes it absolutely unreal that we are able to dive here. We did four dives here today and we saw everything you can imagine. Big schools of tuna that were followed by silky sharks and one juvenile hammerhead shark. On the third dive of the day, I asked the guests what they would like to do or see on the dive. If they rather stay on close to the rock or to explore a little bit into the blue since we had almost no current at all. We decided to look for small stuff around the rock. Guess what showed up after finishing our safety stop on the west side of Roca Partida, a baby whale shark!

  • Divemaster Jen onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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