Expect to Be Blown Away

I love Roca Partida. This tiny rock is an oasis for marine animals in the vast Pacific Ocean. Above the water, it is full of seabirds including brown and red footed boobies along with terns and shearwaters. Below the surface, it is packed with life. Huge schools of jacks, rainbow runners, and some of the biggest tuna I’ve ever encountered.

Sharks are the top predators here. Galapagos sharks tend to like the deeper parts while in the shallows, silvertip sharks circle the rocky parts to the northside of Roca Partida. There are some unique balconies filled with whitetip reef sharks resting together in groups of up to 40 individuals, all jockeying for the best positions. Chance encounters with whale sharks, mantas rays and hammerhead sharks are what we come here for.

This trip aboard the Nautilus Explorer we had the fortune of ticking all the boxes for our divers. Some surfaced saying it was the best dive of their lives. Roca Partida always seems to deliver. You never know what to expect there but should always expect to be blown away.

  • Divemaster Rimas onboard the Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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