One of the Greatest Animals in the World

I couldn’t have ever imagined that…

On the second day, we had airplane support to help us find orcas and mobula rays around the Sea of Cortez and what did we find instead? A blue whale! It was amazing! We saw it twice from the boat – it was crossing just under us and the visibility was perfect. The customers were so excited! We never imagined that we could find this great and amazing animal. All thanks to the airplane support.

Also yesterday, we were snorkeling with the biggest pregnant whale shark that we had ever seen before. Not only that, but we went snorkeling with hundreds of dolphins and devil rays.

From the boat, we saw a lot of humpback whales and fin whales and of course a lot of “popcorns” – as Sten likes to call the mobula rays jumping. The customers are so happy and the experience has been great fun for them! I have never heard the word “incredible” so many times. They are enjoying it a lot. We didn’t see mobula rays and orcas yet but today nature presented us with one of the greatest animals in the world instead!

  • Divemaster Alicia onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

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