A Photographer’s Paradise

On our last day, we got some pretty heavy waves and wind that limited our search for the orcas.

We managed to get in one dive at Cabo Pulmo watching the bull sharks, even if the visibility was pretty poor. The Sea of Cortez is now starting to get warmer and clear up but the diving at this time of year isn’t going to be as clear as gin but, that being said, there is so much life to see… you just have to look find it! 

We were happily surprised by a 15m visibility on one of the dives at La Reina which is one of my favorites. Before, it was a sure spot to see the giant mantas until 2004 when they just vanished, until about three years ago when we started to see them now and again. This time, we had pretty good current but no manta ray. Instead, we had a snowstorm of all different kinds of fish. 

Every night when we anchor, we use lights under the boat to attract plankton to the surface which, in turn, gathers more fish and hopefully plenty of mobula rays. Our idea is to be able to scuba dive with them. I have seen it a lot of times before here but so far, we’ve had no luck.

You need to have a lot of patience, concentration and thoroughly analyze the right locations. Nonetheless, with all things considered, it has been a spectacular trip with lots of amazing marine life encounters. 

It includes our guests going home with a lot of photos of other critters and the special light and colours that the Sea of Cortez gives. Especially in the early mornings and late evenings when the sun sets. A photographer’s paradise.

  • Divemaster Sten “Vikingo” onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

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