We Found the Mobula Rays

Finally, we found the mobula rays! The guests saw them a lot of times jumping above the surface but they never imagined that under those waves, there would be thousands of mobula rays. They were so excited to go snorkeling with them. We were there for at least one hour and afterwards, we had time to take a lot of pictures from the surface of them jumping everywhere. The guests enjoyed it a lot!

Unfortunately, the last day the weather wasn’t good for navigating with the skiff and therefore, go snorkeling. It was windy and choppy, but some of the customers went to Cabo Pulmo because they wanted to dive with bull sharks. 

We had a lot of amazing presents from mother nature that we couldn’t have ever imagined to encounter. 

  • Divemaster Alicia onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

By Nautilus Crew

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