Simply in Paradise

Diving Cabo Pearce was simply amazing! After our daily dive briefing from divemaster Gato, I was ready to go diving. I will have to admit, I was a little concerned with the possible current on this site. After our briefing, I told my dive buddy that I would be sticking super close to him. We all got suited up and ready as we were in the first group and I didn’t want to be dragging behind as it holds up everyone else, especially when diving sidemount. 

I’m all set and ready to get into the dingy and by this time, it does not feel as awkward; It is now just part of our dive. Our divemaster Rodolfo was a rock star. We all back-rolled, got acclimated and descended immediately. Luckily, the current was cooperating and we managed to get to the second cleaning station with no problem. Then, before we knew it, here came the manta rays. They were so close and not afraid at all. For the folks who had cameras, they were simply in paradise. And if you missed the first one, you just had to be patient for the next one, and the next one, etc. So amazing. 

Then, we started moving and, all of a sudden, I was in total awe! Seven dolphins began swimming alongside us! They got pretty close and it felt like they just wanted to hang out with us! As our dive was coming to an end, the dolphins stayed with us as we started to ascend. My heart was so happy! I just wish I had my underwater camera. I thoroughly enjoyed this dive site and because of the first dive, I just had to dive two more times. Thanks to my divemaster and boat crew who got us there and back safe and sound.

  • Nicole Keney. Texas, USA onboard the Nautilus Explorer  

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