The Dive Operation Is Top Notch

Nautilus Dive Adventures have put me into undersea action once again. I have enjoyed peak experiences aboard the Belle Amie, such as my first encounter with great white sharks. Here, on this adventure, a solo encounter with a whale shark (which I was able to film at length) has beat all my previous experiences with whale sharks. This juvenile shark seemed to come to me and was calm, covered with remoras and surrounded by dozens of jacks. No other divers were close.

I love being surrounded by fish and thus, there was no disappointment there. A great school of jacks at Roca Partida enchanted me and I became part of their dynamic from the near surface down to 96 feet. My experience felt singular, the moment personal with them. Peak experiences I have come to enjoy on Belle Amie.

As a senior diver with some 62 years of experience, I have seen many dive operations but I am impressed with the quality of service aboard the Belle Amie. The meals are excellent and healthy, the dive operation is top notch, my cabin is awesome and I get that extra help that makes my dive experience run smoothly. I have been fortunate to dive around the world during my life and to have that lifestyle continue at this stage is so rewarding. I believe in the power of water experiences to keep one healthy, happy and more focussed in life. Dedicated divers are reported to live longer.

It is important in life to surround yourself with excellence and the Nautilus Belle Amie satisfies that for me. 

Thank you, Nautilus.

  • Bill Macdonald, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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