The Wonderous Deep Blue of the Ocean

How shall I describe Belle Amie? She is a ship, but so much more. She sails the sea, but adds depth to the journey, color to the pallet, flavor to the day. She is joy. She is wonder.   

Belle Amie lets us explore. Belle Amie lets us exist in the wonderous deep blue of the ocean. Belle Amie lets us dive with the amazing life that populates the sea that opens our minds to worlds beyond our own.

Belle Amie is grace captured in the hull of a vessel that transports us to our dream. She allows us to be in a space that envelops us. Welcomes us. Enriches us. She takes us to where we need to go. Where we must go. Where our lives below the surface begin. Where our other lives end, yet we feel no sense of loss. Only excitement. A sense of adventure. A feeling of belonging. Belonging to something greater than ourselves. Something incredibly old and yet, amazingly new.

What is Belle Amie? She is Freedom. Freedom to be everything you dreamed of.

  • Michael Ring onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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