An Unyielding Sense of Adventure

The sun sets on yet another magical day aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie. Laughter cascades from the dining room as new friends reminisce upon the day’s adventures. Cameras are passed around, stories are shared – some exaggerated perhaps – though the joy and smiles behind them are as true as can be. The memories being made aboard this incredible ship seem impossible to match on future endeavours, and yet it’s obvious that everyone will attempt to do so. For someone who books a trip aboard this fine vessel must have one thing in common – an unyielding sense of adventure. The undying need to explore, further, longer, deeper. It is this shared trait that makes the people aboard this ship more than just clients, and more than just friends. Anyone who joins a trip aboard the Belle Amie is family.

  • Chelsea, Colorado, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Guests

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