Magnificent Creatures and Incomparable Experiences

The powerful engines come to a stop, returning the ship to a gentle rocking amongst the waves. The anchor clangs loudly as it’s dropped to the sea floor. All aboard the Belle Amie, guests rise from their slumber, stretching arms and stifling yawns, excitement growing with each passing minute. The eight hour, overnight journey has ended. Roca Partida slides into view through the cabin windows. Smaller than expected, the rock peeks above lapping waves. Who knows what magnificent creatures and incomparable experiences she hides below the surface.

Although the day has just begun for some, most aboard the ship have already been up for hours, working tirelessly to ensure another day of perfection. Mopping decks, preparing breakfast, swapping tanks – the work never ends for the incredible crew who make the dream of diving the islands of Revillagigedo a reality for paying guests. Gratitude is too small a word to describe the appreciation we have for them.

  • Chelsea, Colorado, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Guests

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