Friendly Faces From All Around the World

Yesterday we finished another great trip aboard the Belle Amie filled with friendly faces from all around the world. Our last day was spent at The Boiler on San Benedicto Island. With dramatic views on the Barcena Volcano, we drive our skiffs full of excited divers to the site. And The Boiler did not disappoint! There must have been ten or more giant manta rays around the pinnacle during the whole day. I saw four at the same time and they just kept coming and dancing around the divers, mesmerizing everybody. During the first two morning dives, we also had a pod of happy dolphins who put on a fantastic show for us.

At the end of the dives, we observed the brown and masked boobies sitting on the surface and sticking their faces into the water to see what these weird divers were doing during their safety stops.

A fantastic end to an epic trip to the Socorro Islands.

  • Divemaster Jessie onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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