An Educational Experience of a Lifetime

An amazing experience with an awesome team of professionals. Nautilus Liveaboards has done it right with their expertise in preserving the marine sanctuary by careful planning, organizing and hiring the best staff available.

Captain Shep is the best. He leads by example and supports his team in all the various roles they each fulfill throughout this wonderful experience. His team works tirelessly to communicate to the guests the plan for the day and what to expect. His first and second mates Jose and Toni are incredible with their marine vessel experience in operations is unsurpassed. Engineer Dani, behind the scenes, makes sure the Belle Amie is running in top shape. The well coordinated dives, with a safety-first attitude for the guests and the sharks!

Divemaster’s Pascal, Ivan, Rimas, Yann, and Pablo worked closely to ensure each of us were comfortable with their equipment and operation of the dive deck. Fluid and enjoyable with an abundance of opportunities to observe the great white sharks in their natural habitat. Not to mention the emphasis on our own responsibilities as divers to assure future guests can enjoy this historical preservation of marine life.

Julio is magical with what he produces in the variety of three meals a day for all the guests and crew. He leads the kitchen crew by providing delicious meals, snacks, and baked goods. Osa, Cecilia, and Alicia deliver the service with a smile, always asking if there is anything they can provide, whatever the dietary needs for their guest they meet and exceed.

An educational experience of a lifetime that reaches all generations with a wealth of information shared throughout the trip.

Thank you Nautilus and the team of the Belle Amie

  • Bryan, North California, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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