The Dream of Seeing Great White Sharks Was about to Come True

This trip we had a group of family and friends that came on a private trip to Guadalupe Island. They had been planning the trip for many years and finally the dream of seeing great white sharks was about to come true. The crossing from Ensenada to Guadalupe was very smooth and the expectations were rising as we were getting closer to the island. They basically couldn’t wait to be in the water the next morning.

Our first day of diving we had very good visibility and as soon as we started cutting the bait, two juvenile male sharks showed up. Everyone was happy and taking pictures from above. The cages opened at 6:30am and they went in right away. It was amazing to see their facial expressions of joy, emotion, adrenaline and respect for these majestic sharks. We had a great time during the three days of diving, going into the surface and submersible cages all day long. We saw about six to eight different sharks every day and some of those sharks were visiting us consecutive days.

We spent the evenings doing Shark ID sessions with the photos and videos that our guests took but we couldn’t find many of the juvenile sharks in the books! It is very exciting to have the possibility of seeing new individual sharks around Guadalupe Island.

The crossing back to Ensenada was great! Very good weather. Mother ocean was very generous with us this week and we all are very grateful for that.

It was sad to say goodbye to this amazing group of people but we are sure we will see each other again soon, maybe the next time in the Socorro Islands with the oceanic manta rays. 

  • Divemaster Juan David onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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