This Reef Is Healthy and Full of Life

El Bajo is my favourite dive site in the Cabo Pulmo National Park. Especially for the morning dives and when the current flows from south to north. Luckily that was the case on this trip! Just when the reef starts, we encountered a huge school of bigeye trevally. It was like being under a cloud of jacks! Also, at the same southern point but on the sandy bottom, there were a group of huge goliath groupers hovering on the current. On our way drifting north it was breathtaking to see the amount of snappers, rainbow wrasses, parrot fish and angel moorish that were on the reef. Also the colorful and healthy soft coral moving among the current was a sight to see. The Bajo is a living example of how fast the ocean can recover. After more than 30 years of conservation efforts and commitment of the local community, this reef is healthy and full of life.

  • Divemaster Celina onboard the Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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