So Much Action above and below the Water

We spent the most epic three days observing great white sharks from above and below the water.

On our first day, as soon as we started wrangling, sharks were on sight. We had a juvenile male around 8ft. When we went down in the submersible cages, we spotted and identified Miss Paola, a female around 12-14ft – it was pretty awesome! She was getting close and curious in the morning and after a while, she was hungry and trying to take the bait from us many times – an incredible show.

On the second day, we had even more sharks around the boat but only the bigger ones came to play around the cages. We identified Paul Walker, a male with a tag next to his fin so that makes it easier for everyone to know who this shark is. 

Paul Walker showed more interest in the surface cage by doing circles around the cage for hours! Great to take pictures up close.

On the last day, we had so much action above and below the water. The weather was awesome and we had so many sharks at once; we spotted five at the surface!

I’m happy to be here part of the Nautilus family on board of UnderSea sharing this amazing experience with our guests.

  • Divemaster Mario onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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