What an Incredible Day at Guadalupe Island

What an incredible day at Guadalupe Island! Can you imagine waking at 6:30am to get your coffee and see a great white shark rocketing up in the air, then landing in a big splash as two more sharks are beginning to already circle the cages?

Then at 8:00am, it’s your turn to go into the submersible cages, to find yourself nose to snout with Kenrick and Silent Hunter Bolton, the two most curious sharks that I know around this island. They will literally turn around your cages inches away from your face, and turn and turn until you have had time to count every single one of their teeth and they have had time to look deep in your soul.

Then they are off for a chase at the bait, in two different styles: Bolton is a younger more explosive hunter that goes at the bait like a rocket, giving no chance to the wrangler, while Kenrick is a more old school style, going at the bait so slow it seems he does not really want it, giving the wrangler a false sense of trust until he finally comes at the perfect angle for the bait to jump in his mouth!

Apart from these two sharks, we had moments when five  of them would be visible from the cage, at the same time! Guadalupe is on fire!

  • Divemaster Yann onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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